Chooses Refillable Jar for its new face cream.

Available in a standard 50ml cream jar size, the system combines premium appeal with enhanced environmental friendliness. LESO, an LESO company and the world’s leading provider of beauty solutions, introduces REfill REUSE REpeat, a sustainable refillable beauty cupping system ideal for skincare creams and color cosmetics. FASTEN REfill REUSE REpeat cans are made entirely from one material – recycled polypropylene (PP). All components are 100% recyclable, enabling a circular economy to reuse waste as a resource for new products and materials. The concept consists of a lightweight open base outer reservoir and an ultra-light thermoformed filling cup. The filler can be inserted into the base with one touch, and also easily removed. To distinguish between different creams, different colors can be used for refill cups. Importantly, the open bottom design of the jar not only visually shows the consumer what type of buttercream they are using, but also reduces the amount of material needed to make the jar. This reusable jar design saves up to 80% on material consumption compared to traditional 50 ml jars. FASTEN designed their REfill REPEAT jars to be 70% lighter than comparable standard cream jars and the filling unit is stackable. The result is a dramatic increase in spatial integration and a dramatic reduction in shipping weight. Together, these factors lead to s

ignificant reductions in CO2 emissions in the supply chain. The concept has become more sustainable with stamping instead of ink, eliminating the use of glue, and using fast-growing elephant grass in canned cardboard boxes. “At FASTEN, we pride ourselves on constantly bringing cutting-edge innovation to our customers, with an unwavering commitment to reducing our environmental impact,” said Ilya Zutt, Managing Director of FASTEN. a packaging concept that aims to meet all aspects of sustainability through reduced material use, reusable design and full recyclability.” Converters Expo South is a one-day trade show that brings together paper, film, plastics and nonwovens converters with industry buyers, experts and suppliers. With hundreds of attendees, Converters Expo South is expected to be the place to find manufacturing partners, check out test and prototyping equipment, meet disposable manufacturers and learn about the latest in flexo printing and packaging.

Post time: Dec-15-2022