HealthCentral’s 2022 Health & Beauty Gift Guide

First place on any wish list? Give me a moment to stop and focus on what is best for my body and mind. Help them make the most of this precious commodity with thoughtful gifts that illustrate their special way of uplifting and rejuvenating. Whether they’re looking for inner calm (meditation gadgets, anyone?) or outer calm (eco-chic sportswear), natural pleasure (soothing skin care) or more refined grooming (comfortable makeup tools), these finds will keep the feeling — a good expense all year round.
With just three keys, this delightful analog Morphée device ($100) lets your favorite restless sleeper choose from 210 soothing audio sessions lasting 8 or 20 minutes. One night they may escape to the sounds of nature, such as ocean waves and birdsong, and the next night relax their breath with verbal cues for meditation. In addition, it is not only soothing without a screen, but also the size of a teacup in a modest beech body. There is no better collection without technology.
Who can’t use a small bottle of TLC in their personal care routine? The Slow Beauty line of essential oils (along with balms and serums) from the women-founded brand Kindred Black includes the unicorn oil pictured here ($195), a multipurpose blend of 14 pure botanicals (zero synthetics, fillers or chemicals) blended with beautiful recycled oils. glass bottles made in a studio in Oaxaca, Mexico. Not only does the face and body oil hydrate the skin, the brand also offers oils like lavender and rose that can help with psoriasis.
For voracious travelers or those who keep their makeup bag on the go, the Kusshi Collection makeup stand is Marie Kondo among makeup organizers. All items, like this all-in-one Signature Cosmetic Bag ($69), are fully machine washable, with multiple pockets and snap-on inserts to keep things organized, so there’s no need to fumble around looking for items tucked away out of sight of the product you need. . A bright shade in the interior also makes the product more visible, choose from 15 color combinations.
“Winter Wonderland Walk” is not just a song – it’s a thing! During the final winter of lockdown, your friends and family can rediscover the joy of being outdoors, cold weather be damned. Help them stay strong and keep getting natural stress relief with the UGG Sheepskin Bluetooth Earphones ($115). That’s right, their favorite soft sheepskin case paired with built-in wireless headphones so they can listen to audio through their smartphone while meditating, listening to a podcast series, or cheering up their little Bing Crosby playlist.
What is the mode mentioned? Allbirds, the cult favorite merino wool sneaker brand also makes sweat sets—R&R Hoodie ($118) and R&R Sweatpant ($98)—fabricated with a blend of organic cotton (50%), hemp (30%), and Tencell Lyocell (20%), an eczema-friendly and eco-friendly material derived from bamboo. Allbirds, the cult favorite merino wool sneaker brand also makes sweat sets—R&R Hoodie ($118) and R&R Sweatpant ($98)—fabricated with a blend of organic cotton (50%), hemp (30%), and Tencell Lyocell (20%) ), an eczema-friendly and eco-friendly material derived from bamboo. Allbirds, культовый бренд кроссовок из мериносовой шерсти, также производит спортивные комплекты — R&R Hoodie (118 долларов США) и R&R Sweatpant (98 долларов США) — из смеси органического хлопка (50%), конопли (30%) и лиоцелла Tencell (20%). Allbirds, the iconic merino wool sneaker brand, also makes tracksuits—the R&R Hoodie ($118) and the R&R Sweatpant ($98)—made from a blend of organic cotton (50%), hemp (30%) and Tencell (20%). ). ), is harmless to eczema and an environmentally friendly material derived from bamboo. Allbirds 是最受欢迎的美利奴羊毛运动鞋品牌,它还生产运动套装——R&R 连帽衫(118 美元)和R&R 运动裤(98 美元)——由有机棉(50%)、大麻(30%) 和天丝莱赛尔(20%) 混合制成),一种源自竹子的对湿疹友好的环保材料。 Allbirds is the most popular sports shoes brand in the country, and it also produces sportswear——R&R 连帽衫(US$118) and R&R sports pants(US$98)——由organic cotton(50%), 大麻(30 %) 和天丝莱赛尔(20%) is mixed), a kind of environment-friendly material. Allbirds, самый популярный бренд кроссовок из мериносовой шерсти, также производит спортивные костюмы — худи R&R (118 долларов) и спортивные штаны R&R (98 долларов) — из органического хлопка (50%), конопли (30%) и лиоцелла Tencel (20%). Allbirds, the most popular merino wool sneaker brand, also makes tracksuits—the R&R Hoodie ($118) and R&R Sweatpants ($98)—made from organic cotton (50%), hemp (30%) and Tencel (20%) lyocell. . ), an eco-friendly material derived from bamboo, safe for eczema. Each product is finely printed with a (low) carbon footprint so you can show your loved ones and the planet that you care. Whether they’re working from home or looking to entertain on the weekend, it’s a casual look with a bit of eco-street cred.
Anyone who’s ever fiddled with a mascara stick will take a look at Guide Beauty’s Artistry Made Easy Collection ($75) and wonder where was I this morning? The founder of Guide is a makeup artist who was inspired to rethink her profession’s tools when Parkinson’s disease affected her motor skills. Now you can gift her sophisticated results with eyeliner, mascara, and grip-enhanced brow pencil (including a choice of black or brown eyeliner, black mascara, and light, medium, or dark brows). What’s more, the holiday price includes $102.
Imagine your gym buddy or overworked colleague curled up with a good book and thanked you for a spa treatment for his legs. Hip Chic’s All About Moisturizing Foot Mask ($4) is a sock filler that provides a pair of moisturizing plastic socks with lotions like olive oil and shea butter. They simply cut off the top of the boot, slide the boot over the foot, tighten the strap, and soak for 15 minutes to soften rough and dry spots—until the skin is damaged. (They must be checked before any wounds heal, etc.)
Help them harness the power of mushrooms with these $20 Marley One concentrated tinctures, a collaboration between the Marley family (like reggae icon Bob Marley) and Silo Wellness. The liquid, all-natural blend features five combinations to achieve a variety of goals: One Rest for Sleep (Reishi-based GABA); One Harmony for digestion (chaga-based ginger); One Mind for Focus (Lion’s Mane Hair Mushroom and Ginkgo Biloba). One Flow for Endurance (ginseng-based cordyceps) and Immune All-in-One (turkey mushroom and astragalus). Just add a few drops of flavor to their coffee, smoothie, oatmeal, or other treats.
If that doesn’t help make the perfect WFH winter slideshow, we’re not sure what will! With experts advising us not to go barefoot all day – something diabetics are especially advised to avoid – Birkenstock’s Arizona Big Buckle Shearling Supportive Shoe ($180) is a shoe solution that anyone will appreciate. A cork midsole that provides essential anatomical support and a comfortable, outdoor-ready EVA foam outsole are practical gifts that have proven to be very desirable.
Therabody SmartGoggles ($199) isn’t your dad’s sleep mask, but he’s sure to love the upgrade. The Bluetooth-enabled soft eye mask actually has some features, namely heating, vibration, and massage functions, which can be controlled with a companion app that dad can control from his smartphone. The built-in heart rate sensor syncs with various modes such as SmartRelax to include a vibration mode designed to lower your heart rate and encourage your body to reduce stress levels, and a sleep mode that rubs your temples. Who can’t use it now? When you’re done, the rechargeable goggles stack and go away.
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Post time: Nov-26-2022