Why You Should Invest in a Refillable Soap Dispenser

Whether you like it foamy or thick and creamy, hand sanitizer is a must in most households. It’s hard to find a sink that doesn’t have a soap dispenser next to it, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.
While you can store your liquid soap in the original container, buying in bulk or even making it at home will save you real money.
Buying a large container of hand sanitizer can fill all the soap dispensers in your home for weeks or even months. This is not only economical, but also better for the environment. Instead of buying small plastic bottles with built-in pumps over and over again only to throw them in the trash when you use them, buy large containers to refill once or twice a year. Refillable soap bags are available at grocery stores and online so you don’t have to drive to find them.
If you compare prices on Amazon, the difference is quite large. For example, a three-dispenser pack of Softsoap Soothing Aloe Vera hand sanitizer costs $10.99, or almost 49 cents per ounce of liquid soap. Meanwhile, two 64-ounce packs of the same soap sell for $22.99, or 18 cents per fluid ounce. Just changing the packaging is a huge difference for the same product.
When shopping for a soap dispenser, keep in mind that the larger the soap dispenser, the more liquid it holds, meaning fewer refills and less chance of spillage. Using a funnel is a great way to make sure all the soap gets into the bottle and doesn’t spill onto the countertop.
If you have small children at home, consider using a hands-free dispenser—you wave your hand under it and it dispenses—to make washing your hands easier. Keep in mind that these dispensers often require periodic battery replacement.
If you’re looking for a soap bottle, check out our expert-verified selections of the best soap dispensers, including one with a built-in timer to help kids know how long to wash.
Stylish glass soap dispensers are often more aesthetically pleasing than plastic bottles. They can take your bathroom or kitchen to the next level and go well with just about any design style, including traditional and minimalist. Meanwhile, converted stone banks have gained popularity for their farmhouse aesthetic.
If you are dispensing sensitive liquids such as herbs or essential oils, the amber glass helps protect the ingredients from UV degradation. Among the huge variety of products you are sure to find something that suits your home. It is important to choose materials that are suitable for your home. If a glass dispenser in your bathroom seems risky, opt for a stainless steel or plastic version.
The best soap dispenser should be multifunctional, meaning it can be used to store soaps, lotions, and even essential oils. Some people also fill their bottles with shampoo and conditioner. In this case, it is better to buy a dispenser with a wider straw to prevent clogging.
If you love making your own soap and would rather make your own soap than buy it from a store, a quick Google search will give you plenty of recipes. Many require you to mix and dilute oils such as coconut oil and olive oil with potassium hydroxide and liquid vegetable glycerin. Buying these ingredients and making your own soap will save you money over time. Plus, it’s a creative way to experiment with custom blends.
Is a soap dispenser right for your home? Anything that helps keep your hands clean and germ-free is a win in our book, especially if it also saves you money!

Post time: Nov-19-2022